People of Bucharest


Monja de Clausura Orden de Predicadores said...

Hola !!!Bonitas fotografías.
Gracias por quedarse en Estoy a tu lado
Con ternura

Anonymous said...

Photography with a quality well know !

Far too many children alike roaming the city while playing Accordeon. There's even a small band from Transelvania for weeks now already playing in the city center, that indeed has become a small dschungle.

daily athens

Joe's blog said...

ooohhh....wonderful photography!
Thank you very much for finding me so that I could find you. I will follow you with much pleasure!
Wish you a very nice Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Magníficas fotografías!!!! mis felicitaciones. Saludos.

S-Hell said...

excelente portrete,faina alternanta contrastanta.

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